Change Story : Lizzie Chege

Lizzie Chege, a project coordinator who is also a lover of hikes and events, has never been to the GoDown, and she was the first to give to the new GoDown rebuild during the 9 Day Drive in December 2018. What inspired her to give to a space that she hadn’t physically been to? She heard about us through one of her favourite bands, H_Art the Band.

“I’m a huge music fan, and H_Art the Band is one my favourite bands, and that was enough to make me give,” Lizzie says. This video by the Love Phobic and Uliza Kiatu crooners that was on our Facebook page was what it took to seal the deal for her. Knowing that the GoDown meant something to them and to music in general made the cause important enough to her. She is not an artist – her daily work is in revenue collection, aggregation, ticketing and systems development – but she is a believer in the arts.

We have been excited about the diversity of those willing to donate to this cause; that our first giver during the 9 Day Drive was not an artist, underscores what we have experienced as The GoDown: that art is for all and reaches us all in its own way. Thank you Lizzie for leading the way!