Change Stories: Andrew Mutua, Emmanuel Oluoch and Reema Doshi

We are continually inspired by those who give to the GoDown Transformation, whether having been here or not, artist or otherwise. Would you like to share your own giving story? We would love to feature you. Drop us an email on including your phone number and we’ll call you to hear more about what inspired you to be part of this Transformation!

For now, enjoy reading these 3 stories of 3 givers to this transformative campaign.

Andrew Mutua

Andrew Mutua was the second person to give to #GoDownTransforms during last year’s 9 Day Drive in December. He says: “I stumbled upon the GoDown vision on Twitter. For me, what it represents is our own mini-art district. I don’t think we have such spaces; areas carved out for performances and visual arts. I know I’m not the richest man in Kenya – I’m working on it though – but, I said, let me lend my support.”

Andrew is not an artist –  he runs an IT company – but he is passionate about art. He likes to watch any type of performance, whether local or international. He loves exploring the different things that artists have the ability to whip up.

“I have been to the GoDown for the GoDown Gig, and I think the space is good; it’s one of those areas that brings together many artists; one of the few in Kenya that we have, if not the only one.”


Emmanuel Oluoch

For Emmanuel Oluoch aka Pointblank Evumbi, he says he gave to the GoDown because without having interacted with some of the minds at the GoDown, he would not have the great career he has now. In 2006, he came to the GoDown to perform alongside friends and also to do live paintings. From there, Joy Mboya, our executive director, set up a meeting for him with a leader in the marketing and advertising sector during which he was encouraged to go digital with his art.This meeting spurred him on to enrol at the Shang Tao Media Arts College in CBD, and he is now a full-time animator, though he raps occasionally. He said if it had not been for this meeting, he would not have a career. Giving to the GoDown was not a question.


Reema Doshi

Reema Doshi, like Pointblank, has had important career moments at The GoDown. She is a member of Murfy’s fLaw and they recorded their first album here, at Ketebul Studios. Her hope for the GoDown?  “Despite the crazy transport/road system that we have, I hope that the GoDown will be able to attract crowds to perform and experience the arts, culture, music. I hope that it will become a hub for diverse cultures to showcase and be able to appreciate each other; for both Kenyans and the wider diaspora.”