Change Stories: Sara Melillo, Catherine Nalugemwa and Vera Ng’endo

We are continually inspired by those who give to the GoDown Transformation, whether having been here or not, artist or otherwise. Would you like to share your own giving story? We would love to feature you. Drop us an email on including your phone number and we’ll call you to hear more about what inspired you to be part of this Transformation!

For now, enjoy reading these 3 stories of 3 givers to this transformative campaign.


Sara Melillo


Sara Melillo made her contribution to the GoDown Arts Centre Transformation Campaign because she heard some pretty nice things about us (as one would hope). She says, “The arts are so underserved and unsupported “in nearly every country”. I’m terribly un-artsy myself, but I do appreciate others’ abilities and creativity.”

She didn’t stop at that. She and her husband, a video journalist, were moving back to the US recently, and he decided to donate a microphone set to us, good to use for podcasts and audio recording.


Catherine Nalugemwa

For Catherine Nalugemwa, she gave because of the invaluable impact the connections she made at The GoDown have had on her life. She started coming to the GoDown to watch performances, and interacted with lots of artists. Through conversations she had with these artists around dance, she developed an interest in it and began to perform dance pieces, which now complement her acting. She hopes that the new GoDown will be “a home away from home for artists and our audiences. I believe in the connection of energies.”


Vera Ng’endo

Vera Ng’endo, on the other hand, says she gave because as a graphic designer and trainer in crafts-making skills as well as an entrepreneur, this is personally important. She is also “a strong believer, supporter and advocate for creative arts skills and careers.” She adds, “I fully believe that GoDown Arts Centre will achieve this huge project – haba na haba hujaza kibaba!” She is also mobilising her team of 9 friends to fundraise.