Change Story : Gloria Muthoka

Gloria, a visual artist now based at The GoDown, first heard of GoDown from an artist who was based here. Her first experience in the compound completely drew her in. She went to a number of studios, taking in the art and talking to the artists. She found it therapeutic watching some of the artists work, especially because at the time she wasn’t producing any work due to her full time job. She left knowing she had unfinished business at the GoDown.

Gloria desired to be amongst other artists; to be at a place where she could really be free to do what she loved; to be able to experience the sheer joy of splashing paint around without care. The GoDown’s location also worked wonderfully for her. She ended up settling here permanently.

She loves painting because she finds that this art form is, at least currently, the best way to express herself. She always doodled as a child, and continued to doodle into her teens and adulthood, and she is now doodling writ large.

Gloria believes that what is most unique about The GoDown is how inviting and open it is. “It’s that boma where everybody is welcome; ‘come through, pull up a chair, this is what we are doing, stay as long as you want – karibu sana’,” she says.

One of the highlights of her time at the GoDown so far was the creative entrepreneurship course. It got her thinking more deeply and intentionally of her journey as an artist.

She hopes that the new GoDown will not only foster a vibrant art community but also increase public interaction by pulling the community into its space and to be the go-to space for everyone.