Change Story: Melvin Owuor

Melvin Owuor is a rapper, producer and designer; an artist all round. He first heard of the GoDown from Facebook and recently came by. What’s particularly interesting is that Melvin travelled overnight from Mombasa to Nairobi for a social media strategy meeting  here at The GoDown about a month ago, upon an invite via Facebook direct message from us.We were pleasantly surprised! Why’d he make the trip? “It was something worth doing, not only as an artist but also as a stakeholder in the Arts industry in Kenya. Plus a brother had to show some love for the GoDown.” He was met by a reception he described as incredibly warm and welcoming.

Especially fascinated by what he says is the GoDown’s  integration of various forms of art in one space and the immense opportunity it presents not only locally but also internationally, he says: “There’s something about the GoDown that not only inspires generations but preserves culture; not only educates but also informs and transforms; not only presents opportunities but above all, empowers all.”

He doesn’t mince his words, either, when it comes to his hope for the new GoDown: “I would hope for a sustainable system that gives and gets the opportunity to tap into raw talent from our diverse cultures while being a major platform for acts and brands here in Kenya and internationally. I hope that it will be an authority in dissemination of information on matters arts and culture and a major resource centre globally on cultural, social and economic matters.”

Speaking of his work as an artist, he hopes to use it to express himself; to inspire and be inspired, and to spread his work both locally and globally. What he hopes to be remembered for is how he loved and how he contributed to society. He says he also wants to be remembered: “not only for all the right choices I made but also for the mistakes which in actual sense are important lessons not only to me but to all those I have the opportunity to interact with.”

Asante Melvin and Karibu always!