Change Story : Amara Ngunga

The GoDown recently partnered with Braeside School for their Arts Week. The theme of the week was Afrofuturism, and the children explored their understandings and interpretations of Afrofuturism, which was quite enriching. The kids have been great to know, and we had to share some of their thoughts with you!

We now speak to Amara Ngunga, one of the very generous students who donated their artwork to our fundraising drive.

GD: How’s the week been for you?

AN:  It’s been fun because we’ve been learning new things and skipping lessons and meeting new artists we’ve never known about.

GD: Tell us something cool you’ve learned.

AN: Don’t be afraid to make a mistake in art. Just go with it.

GD: What did you like most about the week?

AN: That we got to learn how to be creative and also be more confident in ourselves and our art, and also that we got to learn new skills for example using pastels.

GD: Is there anything you didn’t like?

AN: There wasn’t anything I didn’t like!

GD: What do you think the theme, Afrofuturism, means?

AN:  It’s thinking about the future in Africa and what it might be like through drawing and art

GD: Has your mind changed about anything this week?

AN: Before, I wasn’t confident in art at all; I didn’t want to draw at all but now I want to come back every day and do art. I would previously ask those who were good at drawing to draw and I would stick to colouring but now I can do it all myself.

GD: How do you feel about giving your art for a cause?

AN: I want to share my passion for art with someone else, so I find this really cool. Also, if your parents see your work exhibited, it gives them more confidence in it!

GD: Why do you like art, Amara?

AN: Because there’s so many colourful things to do. It makes you creative not just in art – in everything else, too. It also makes you confident — you don’t just stay within your box.